Integro Energy

We have the experience in all aspects of the bio-fuels industry from soybean facilities, to corn wet-mill’s, to dry-grind ethanol facilities. Integro is familiar with the processes and challenges involved and has implemented improvements in plants of every design. We have designed; we have built; and we have operated. Now our goal is to provide the biofuels and power industries with flexible service tailored to meet the unique requirements and diverse needs of each facility.



The rapid growth of the ethanol industry has resulted in IntegroEnergy devoting its time and talent to meet increasing demand for technical and operational support for the rapidly changing industry. From material handling to advanced process designs to daily operational support, Integro has dealt with issues both common and unique. Due to the high concentration of dry-grind facilities with similar design and technical issues, Integro has developed package upgrades that are designed to integrate seamlessly into existing plant operation, improve plant performance, provide operational savings, and increase plant operability. Every project offered, builds upon the strengths of each facility and provides cutting edge solutions with a proven track record. For additional information about these projects contact the engineering team.



Sieve Laterals

Installed in plants across the nation, this upgrade provides increased performance, superior design, and provides long term peace of mind.

Other benefits include:

  • Protection of sieve regen equipment from damage by media loss
  • Lower regeneration proof due to longer cycle times
  • Lower levels of system recycle
  • Increased sieve cycle times
  • Increased sieve capacity
  • Energy savings
  • Extended cycle life on sieve bottles



Ammonia to Fermentation

Implementation of anhydrous ammonia to fermentation will replace bulk urea usage and will have several immediate benefits:

  • High level of programming interlocks and safeties built in
  • Reduced chemical costs
  • Increased flexibility in fermentation with multiple dose programming available
  • Reduced wear on plant equipment from sand that is entrained with urea – Pumps, valves, piping, centrifuges
  • Reduced operator exposure to chemicals – Urea handling -Cleaning of waste caustic tank
  • Proven design -Operating in over 15 plants
  • Short ROI paybac



Mash Train Upgrade

This project is a smart choice for any plant from a process, maintenance, operations, and cost perspective. Project benefits include:

  • Increased beer feed temp – reduced distillation energy requirements
  • Reduced energy usage and maintenance on Liquefaction Pump
  • Increased effectiveness of mash train CIP
  • Reduced load on cooling tower – reduced annual chiller operating time
  • Flexibility with mash train CIP schedules – reduced chemical costs
  • Reduced backset
  • Proven design
  • Short ROI payback



Pre-Condenser System

An IntegroEnergy patent pending upgrade to the CO2 Scrubber will improve scrubber VOC performance and provide increased plant performance. Additional benefits include:

  • Recovery of ethanol currently lost to process
  • Decreased water flow required to scrubber
  • Plant flexibility with water balance
  • Reduced CO2 pressure in fermenters
  • Short ROI payback



Corn Oil Recovery

Adding a high protein corn oil recovery system can add a value added product to any ethanol facility without affecting the primary plant focus on ethanol production.

  • Seamless integration to plant operation
  • Produces high protein feed additive
  • Reduced fouling of driers
  • Proven design



Beer Column Header

IntegroEnergy has developed a revised distribution header for the inside of the Beer Column. This new design provides better flow control inside the beer column, significantly reduces solids carryover to the rectifier, and reduces filter changes.

Additional Projects

  • Slurry Tank Steam/Ammonia upgrade
  • Fusel to 200 Proof

Operational Support

Besides package improvements, IntegroEnergy can provide support in:

  • Daily Operations
  • Project Management
  • Plant Improvements
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Process Improvements




IntegroEnergy has first-hand experience in the biomass field working on several projects that explore the viability of using various feedstocks as fuel sources for power or steam generation. Extensive design experience in combustion, electrical generation and process steam usage provides a solid background to address your questions and concerns. The engineering team can provide a custom solution to fit the needs of each unique application.




IntegroEnergy is committed to expanding the future of the ethanol industry by incorporating new technologies and designs for the modern ethanol facility. Integro is continually evaluating and testing new technologies that have the ability to reinvent the biofuels industry. Integro maintains active R&D on new processes, designs, and equipment to provide the latest technology and know-how to the industry. The engineering team continues to examine and develop new technologies that improve current plant design, add to plant profitability, and address concerns about future feed stocks.



Power Generation

IntegroEnergy has the unique experience that combines power generation with process expertise. Having designed, built and operated projects ranging from 60 kW to 240 MW, Integro has the skills and knowledge for every project large or small. Services include feasibility studies that determine the correct size and if the facility is appropriate for the client. This evaluation not only entails the cost of the project, but also ensures that it is an enhancement to the core process and not a separate, additional burden. With a wide range of experience in the types of generation available Integro offers multiple options for configuring the facility: solid fuel, waste to energy, liquid fuel, gasification, natural gas, and wind. Existing facilities have also benefited from Integro’s experience with process upgrades that include efficiency improvements, emissions reductions and monitoring, production increases, operational enhancements, and expanded fuel options.



Waste Heat Recovery

Integro designs efficiency enhancements to existing facilities by using available waste heat from the process. The goal for each project is to seamlessly integrate the generation equipment into the process to create additional energy while minimizing any impact on the current operations. This can be in the form of heat recovery steam generators, heat exchangers, direct contact exchangers or slip stream systems.



Steam Generation

IntegroEnergy designs facilities for efficient, ample, reliable steam production so that the end user is not hindered by supply. This design also includes steam quality as well as fuel variations to ensure that the operation of the facility is optimum. These systems can be fueled by gas, liquid, solid, or waste.